French Alpine Cycling Tours

You can use the same bike....
You can climb the same tarmac....
But can you really ride like a professional?

If your dream is to ride a tour mountain stage, with the full support and back-up only previously enjoyed by the team leaders on a pro team then stop dreaming, and start Ride Like A Pro!

The Dream

Ride Like A Pro is the realisation of a dream, a dream that is ours to provide and hopefully that is yours to realise. We aim to demonstrate professionalism throughout and will not be happy unless your experience is everything that you want it to be. 

Riding in the Alps for several days, your bike taken out to the resort for you, nutrition provided and handed to you as you ride, post ride massage, replacement wheels if you puncture, full board accommodation... in fact everything that you could want, all for a fixed price with absolutely no extra hidden costs. And a fixed price that is up to, and in some cases over, a £1000 per person cheaper than some of our competitors....all of who, without exception, will offer you less cycling support for your money!

Like the sound of the dream? Then Ride Like A Pro